Patrick's Promise Giving Back

Our foundation has hopes of giving back to communities and individuals with values and ideals close to Patrick's heart and our goals. Here are some ways we have begun to give back!


awarded college scholarships

Patrick's Promise awarded 3 scholarships to Natick High School graduating seniors in 2016 and 4 scholarships in 2017.  Requirements were to complete an essay on what it means to applicants to "have someone's back"  The foundation felt strongly about helping those students that exemplified Patrick's way of life. 

The foundation is so proud of all our winners. It assures us that Patrick's spirit is alive and well within each of these graduates and that they will carry forth our mission in their next educational environment.

Total gross awards given to date $11,000.


In December 2016, Patrick's Promise sponsored inspirational speaker Travis Roy at the Wellesley High School inviting the whole student body.  In May of 2017 the foundation sponsored a second event in the evening at Natick High School open to the community.

Travis Roy, much like Patrick is such an inspiration to others.  Through his talks, he candidly shares his path as a young athlete, setting goals both before and after his hockey accident, dealing with adversity, and his determination to make a difference in the world.  The Foundation intends to sponsor more talks so stay tuned with our current events.  This courageous young man is not to be missed.

Total gross sponsorship to date $4,000

supporting a soulmate

Patrick's Promise has donated to SPARK Kindness a local charity in Natick because among many other great works SPARK believes in anti-bullying initiatives.  SPARK heads up free programs to the community to discuss relevant topics about bullying, the causes, the concerns, the solutions.  SPARK releases wonderful news letters to keep the community abreast of free current events taking place.  We thank them again for posting our Travis Roy speaking series here in Natick.

Total gross contribution to date $1,000