3rd Annual PPF Invitational Golf Tournament


Patrick’s Promise Foundation is so GRATEFUL for our generous donors!!!

The 3rd Annual Invitational Golf Tournament turned out to be a great success. An extremely cold morning and golfers still came out to play. They were greeted with hot chocolate and coffee. The day changed to a beautiful brisk fall day with fantastic, competitive golf.

Please see our gallery for more pics of the day!!

It was wonderful to partner with Spark Kindness for the two series listed below. Both speakers touched on compassion and kindness as well as treating each other with respect. PPF believes these are some of the tools to help ELIMINATE BULLYING.


Partnership with SPARK Kindness

This fall we will be sponsoring 2 lectures through SPARK Kindness' Resilient Parent Series. The first speaker, Deoborah Heitner will focus on technology mentoring.  She will discuss how we can assist our youth to use technology in a positive format and avoid Cyber-Bullying!  She will appear at the NATICK HIGH SCHOOL on 9/24/18 at 7:00 p.m. Rachel Macy Stafford, the second sponsorship, will focus on the importance of making connections, kindness, resilience, and inclusion. Join her at THE WILSON MIDDLE SCHOOL on 11/14/18 at 7:00 p.m.  Please see SPARKkindness.org for more information these encouraging and informative lectures! Sneaking in one more…Mr. Rogers’ documentary at TCAN in December 2018. Stay tuned.