Patrick Thomas Sibley

As an athlete and student Patrick had deep passion and determination to face hard work and challenges.  He took his physical workouts and healthy habits on himself.  Then he took it one step further and shared his habits with others.  He inspired so many with what can be achieved through true grit.  All who witnessed Patrick's approach to life saw it was done with 100 watt smile and a tremendous joyful nature.


Patrick the athlete & student

Patrick was a 2010 Natick High School graduate. Here Pat began his Volley ball career. It was volleyball "that inspired Pat, gave him strength and determination to do better, be better, and feel better for the sake of his sport and his own self." (1)

After graduating, Patrick went on to play NCAA Division I volleyball at Sacred Heart and George Mason University.



Patrick The son

His dad beams with pride telling stories of Patrick's accomplishments from barely 6 months old to young adulthood. "When Patrick was barely six months old, he   was playing with a toy, elbows on the ground, which doesn't sound like much, except his feet were hooked onto the couch a foot in the air above; his body in the perfect incline position.  Patrick then repositioned himself by pushing up and down with his left arm while playing with the toy in his right.  He was doing one arm inclined pushups" (2)

Patrick's parents want to share with their community and beyond all that Patrick shared with them.  It is their hope and intention that Patrick's Promise Foundation will go forward where Patrick left off.

Patrick the brother & friend

Patrick and his brothers were known to be fiercely competitive but truly great friends.  Pat left Sacred Heart to join his older brother Shaun Jr at George Mason to be volleyball teammates once again.  They found inspiration from each other on and off the court.  They pushed each other to higher limits.  His brother Scott and David could not emphasize enough what a true friend and role model Patrick was to everyone he met.  "How he enjoyed the beauty and simple things in life; never taking anything for granted and truly appreciated every great moment." (2)

"To be his teammate was a special honor...To be his friend was even more impactful." (3)